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TOP 500 advertising agencies

Logo Name City Product
Lebedev Studio Kiev Parser programming language, Digital Design, Keyboard "Optimus Maximus", Graphic design, Artemius Font, Industrial Design, Design items, Development of user interfaces, Flash presentations and videos
Seopult Moscow Website Optimization, Filling the sites, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), RTB advertising, Promotion of articles, contextual advertising, Promotion in social networks, Reputation Management, Content marketing, Traffic promotion, Search engine promotion
eLama.ru St. Petersburg contextual advertising
Mikhailov & Partners Moscow Personal positioning, Anti-crisis communication, International Communications, Trainings, Public Affairs, Financial Communications, Digital Communication, Corporate Communications, Government Relations & Lobbying, pr-public-relations-i-smm-social-media-marketing-v-internete-2, prodakshen-v-internete-1, smm-social-media-marketing-1, lidogeneraciya-1
MediaCom Russia Moscow Web Analytics, Mobile advertising, Targeted advertising, SMM, contextual advertising, Image advertising, Automation and optimization of advertising, SEO, reklama-na-tv-26, reklama-36, reklama-v-presse-26, strategicheskoe-mediaplanirovanie-1, reklama-v-internete-37, reklama-na-radio-20, naruzhnaya-reklama-ooh-24
Ashmanov & Partners Moscow Email marketing, Search Engine Optimization / Optimization, Copywriting / Creative, contextual advertising, Social media marketing / PR on the Internet, Display ads, Digital Strategies, Web Analytics / Working with Conversions
Nectarin Moscow Customer Service, Media service, Production, Media service, Customer Service, Production, Strategic service, Creative service, Strategic service, Content service, Creative service, Content service, Analytical service, Analytical service, polnyy-cikl-full-service-v-internete-8, reklama-v-internete-44, lidogeneraciya-5, smm-social-media-marketing-4, prodakshen-v-internete-13, kontekstnaya-reklama-7, reklama-46
Leo Burnett Moscow Branding, Marketing, Advertising
mgcom Moscow contextual advertising, SEO Optimization, integrated digital services, Mobile advertising, PR, SMM
Rialweb Riga contextual advertising, Website development, Email marketing, PR and SMM, mobile, CPA Marketing, Digital, Web Analytics, Media planning, Copywriting, Advertising formats, SEO Optimization, Display ads, Analytics

TOP 1000 advertisers

Logo Name City Industry Contractor
CRIC Nizhny Novgorod Development and implementation of business applications, Datacenter, Advertising, Development of 3D-solutions, Information Systems, Mobile applications, Information technologies and services, Media, Information Security, Applied and business solutions, Software Development, CRM, Cloud computing, ERP Ashmanov & Partners, Ashmanov & Partners, Tekart, Hals Soft, Bang! Bang!, PR Partner, Russian Promo, skyboom, Heads and Hands, Individ
Russian State Insurance Company Barnaul Insurance, Investments, Banking The Binet, ROME. Porter Novelli, Nectarin, Russian Promo, MEDIA STARS Digital Group, iD EAST, iContext
GAZ Group Nizhny Novgorod Transport ATOR, Rusenergosbyt, UpLab, Articul Media
FREES Moscow Mediosphere, UpLab, WISHPRO, Alfa Future People
Promsvyazbank Moscow Banks, Finances and Banks Artics Internet Solutions, Surf, Arena
Ренессанс Кредит Magnitogorsk Banks, Финансы Sentinel Credit Management, Advertising agency ADLABS, WhyNot, Medialect, AGIMA / Profit Lab, DEFA, ADLABS, ICL Services, iSEO, Total View, Promo Interactive, Actionpay
Starcom Moscow Advertising, Media Planning and Media Consulting, Purchase of advertising Hidden Marketing
X5 Retail Group Ekaterinburg Retail, Different ecommerce Bureau of the Bureau, DesignDepo, New Internet, Alfa Insurance, SNMG (ex: "Social Networks"), ARMD, BBDO Russia Group, Bacca, Marvelous, AGT Communications Group, King Bird, Re:Evolution, Nile, Artox media, ADV web-engineering, BBDO Russia Group, PR Partner, Vizeum, Maykor-GMCS, Maykor-GMCS, Promo Interactive
Nectarin Moscow the Internet PINKMAN, RuTube
Maps.me Mapping application 65apps

TOP 1000 persons of the advertising market

Photo Name City Position Organization
Mayer Marissa San Francisco VP, CEO Google, Yahoo
Savelyev Vitaly Gennadievich Moscow Chairman of the Board, CEO, Chairman of the Board, CEO, First vice president, Deputy Chairman of the Board, The Vice President, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation Menatep St. Petersburg, DialogueInvest, Bank of Russia, Aeroflot, AFK Sistema, Gazprom, GROSS, Minmontazhspetsstroy the USSR, Ministry of Energy of the USSR, The Leningrad City Council
Miller Alexey Borisovich Moscow The Vice President, Chairman of the Board, Chairman of the Management Board of PJSC Gazprom, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, CEO, Engineer-economist, Director for Development and Investment, Chairman of the Board of Directors Russian Football Union, Gazprom, Gazprom, SOGAZ Insurance Group, Gazprombank, Gazprom, The Baltic Pipeline System, LenNIIproekt, Seaport of Saint-Petersburg, JSC Russian Hippodromes
Kaspersky Natalia Ivanovna The co-founder of Kaspersky Lab, CEO Kaspersky Lab, InfoWatch
Deripaska Oleg Vladimirovich CEO, Chief Financial Officer, CEO, Founder, CEO, President, Member of the Board of Directors Sayanogorsk Aluminum Smelter, Military investment and trading company, RUSAL, Basic Element, RUSAL, RUSAL
Sebrant Andrey Yulianovich Team leader, Chief Editor, Editor in Chief, Marketing director, Director of Marketing Services Branch of the IAE im. I.V. Kurchatov (TRINITI), Journal of Internet Marketing, Grebennikov Publishing House, Glasnet, Yandex
Alekperov Vagit Yusufovich Moscow Head of the Central Engineering and Technological Service, Founder of the Fund, The president, First Deputy General Director, The president, Senior Oilfield Engineer, CEO, Member of the Foundation Council, Member of the Board of Directors, Deputy Minister, Chief Engineer, Deputy Head, Chief, First Deputy Minister, Head of oil field NGDU "Kholmogorneft", Foundation for Regional Social Programs "Our Future", Lukoil, Bashneft Production Association, Lukoil, PO "Surgutneftegas", Production Association "Kogalymneftegaz", Skolkovo Foundation, Lukoil, Ministry of Oil and Gas Industry of the USSR, NGDU "Lyantorneft", NGDU Povkhneft, Ministry of Oil and Gas Industry of the USSR, NGDU "Fyodorovskneft"
Taylor Brooke New York Google
Bakunov Grigory Nikolaevich Director for the distribution of technologies of the company "Yandex" Yandex
Tokhovin Mikhail Andreevich San Francisco Founder & Managing Partner, Founder & Managing Partner QSOFT, amoCRM